Jurassic World Dominion Director Colin Trevorrow Reveals Deleted Scene

It’s no secret that Colin Trevorrow had to cut some scenes from Jurassic World Dominion in order to keep the movie under two hours. In a recent interview, the director revealed one of those scenes, which featured Mamoudou Athie and Campbell Scott. The scene didn’t include any dinosaurs, but it was an interesting moment between the two characters. Unfortunately, it had to be cut in order to keep the movie moving at a brisk pace.

Even though the scene was cut, it’s clear that Trevorrow has a lot of respect for both Athie and Scott. They both did a great job in the movie, and it’s exciting to see new talent joining the Jurassic World franchise. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll get to see the deleted scene as part of an extended cut or special edition Blu-ray release. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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