An average household water leak amounts to 10,000 gallons of water wasted each year. It is around 1 trillion gallons nationwide. It is enough to provide water to more than 11 million homes. Leaks are an easy fix and take one call to the emergency plumber Rushden.

The plumbing company operates flexible business hours. Plumbing emergencies never always pick a good time.

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During water leakage

Not all leakage problems are an emergency ones. When you see signs of extensive leakage, call an emergency plumber. Water leaks affect the integrity of the home. Some leaks are not easily traceable.

Mildew and mold can also form, which results in serious health issues. It causes health issues like itchy eyes, asthma, and more. Leaking water is a fire hazard as it reaches electrical wiring. It leads to short circuits and short wires.

Damages can affect your wallet, especially if it has gone unnoticed. These are some reasons why a water leak is considered an emergency. You will know issues, which need quick attention when the spot has some signs of severe leaking.

Water strains

Water stains usually happen on the ceiling, which doesn’t usually appear until the leak has been for a while. It means water has been soaking on the ceiling and the floor at the same period. If you are worried about the extent of water damage, it is the right time to call a plumber immediately.

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Burst or damaged pipes

Burst or damaged pipes cause flooding if left unattended. Flooding is bad news in the home, it damages the structure. A single burst pipe releases gallons of water in a short time, it weakens the following:

  • Ceiling
  • Walls
  • Flooring
  • Furniture

It compromises the safety of the whole household. It is a huge blow to the family’s finances, especially when you ignore the advantage of calling an emergency plumber right away. Never try to solve the issue yourself, especially if you don’t know or you are not a plumber as it might worsen the issue.

Also, the best thing to do is to shut off the main water supply before you call a plumber. You can also try to save the furniture and other belongings to prevent further water damage. Burst pipes can cause various reasons, but they are common in the winter. The pipes can freeze, which causes damage.

So, when you experience all these issues at home, you need an emergency plumber to fix the problem.